Kate has been in the shelter since August. Her kittens quickly found homes, why shouldn’t she?

True, Mother’s Day is months away, but we think moms should be spoiled all year round – including the feline moms! Every year, we take in litter after litter of kittens along with their mothers. The kittens quickly find homes, while their moms stay with us for months waiting and watching their little ones leave with their new families. While they get good care and love here, it is not home.  So we want to help find these lovely mothers new homes.  The APCSM will pay for half off the adoption fee for all of our mom cats, making their adoption fee just $75. And, of course, this still includes their vaccinations and spay surgeries.

These are Mom cats that are currently waiting to meet their new forever families:

Chanel since February 19

Poppit since April 15

Shadow since June 8

Peggy since July 19

Jean since July 19

Bella since July 27

Lily since August 5

Abby since August 5

Kate since August 10

Lily since August 20

Savannah since October 12

Please stop by and meet one of these lovely ladies – you won’t be sorry! 

Oh, and please share this with your friends and family.  Thanks!


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