Due to a few cases of ringworm in cats at the shelter, we need to close for cat adoptions and intakes for about a month. This will allow us to treat the animals we have, without risking infecting new aniamls entering the building.

 During this time, we will be treating all the cats in the building with bi-weekly dips and cleaning the shelter by bleaching surfaces countinously. This is a labor intensive endeavor, but the best way to make sure the cats we currently have will be clear from ringworm. Until we have confirmed that the cultures taken from the cats are negative, we cannot send any cats into new homes, due to the risk of introducing ringworm into adopter’s homes.

Once we are certain that the threat has passed, we will be very eager to find homes for these cats! They are all being so patient during this treatment, and will deserve some rest & relaxation once it is through!

We are asking for help from our generous supporters on behalf of the cats. We desperately need help with the following:

-Doantions to our Life is Precious Fund. Treating ringworm in so many cats becomes expensive, and funds are extremely limited!


-Paper Towels

-Clean bedding (sheets, towels, etc)

-Exam gloves and dishwashing gloves

-Cat toys

-Shoe boxes

-Small, cheap tooth brushes (nothing fancy, flat bristles)

-Contractor grade trash bags (3 mil thick)

-Your ongoing support! Thank you!!

The shelter will remain open for dog and small animal adoptions, so please feel free to come by!



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