“Yankee” was a wonderful dog, and we are so happy to see him in his new home (witha  new name)! Here’s a note from his owner:

Well, I had to rename Yankee because of the dirty looks I got when I called him at the dog park (lol!) so his new name is Clancy.  I chose Clancy because it sounded vaguely like “Yankee”.  After I had picked it, I looked it up and it means red (and possibly red warrior) so it definitely fits!

 He’s slowly slimming down – I’m not sure you can tell from the picture.  However, he gets roasted marrow bones and treats pretty often, so he’s spoiled but he deserves it; he’s such a sweetheart!

Take care and best wishes!


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  1. floptop43 on 12 Oct 2011

    i love yankee or clancy i walk him one day at the shelter and he is so sweet 🙂