Cat Update!

 Mikayla is one of the cats who is ready for a home!

After weeks and weeks of dipping cats and sanitizing the shelter, we are SO pleased to announce that a number of cats are now clear of infection and ready to be adopted!

Please stop by the shelter to visit these adorable cats who have patiently tolerated bi-weekly dipping while being confined to their cages. Every single one of them has a stellar personality and is so deserving of a chance to know a real home!

Kim (Shelter Manager) wants to thank everyone who has been helping us along the way:

When people heard we had ringworm, rather than turning away, they rallied around us. Volunteers and my staff have gone over and above anything I could have asked to clean the shelter and get the cats treated. Our friends from the public are keeping us fully stocked with all the supplies we need or have made monetary donations so we don’t go without. And we get e-mails daily of support or inquiries about certain cats, waiting for them to be “cleared” for adoption so they can come take them home. The support and kindness from everyone has been overwhelming and I just want to say “Thank you” to everyone for helping see us through this difficult time.

 Kim Heise

Shelter Manager


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