Yoko and Coco are 1½ year old female fancy rats. They are very friendly and full of personality! They love to get out of their cage to explore and interact with their human friends.

Fun facts about fancy rats:

  • The name fancy rat derives from the idea of animal fancy or the phrase “to fancy” (to like, or appreciate).
  • A group of rats is called a mischief.
  • Unlike many other “pocket pets”, rats genuinely enjoy the company of their human caretakers, and run to the front of the cage whenever a human enters the room. Click here for a video.
  • Rats are very affectionate, and will groom their human caretakers. Click here for a video.
  • A happy rat will chatter or grind its teeth, called bruxing. Often, bruxing results in “vibrating” eyes, called boggling. This is caused by the lower jawbone pressing the backs of the eyes. This is a good sign, regardless of how silly it looks. Click here to see a video.
  • Rats can be taught tricks like a dog! Click here for a video.
  • Rats have been proven to make a laughter-like noise (unable to be heard by the human ear alone) when tickled. Click here for a video.

For more information on owning a fancy rat, check out the following websites:

Rat and Mouse Club of America

Fat Rat Central

The Dapper Rat


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