Dog Adoptions

Many families visiting the adoption center frequently say “All you have is pit bulls.” “All you have are older dogs.” “You never have small dogs.” or “You never have purebreds.”

In actuality, all of these statements could not be more incorrect! Since the beginning of 2012, we have adopted out 46 dogs. Of those dogs, only 4 were pit bulls (8.6%), 23 were purebreds (50%), 20 were small breeds (43.4%) and 29 dogs were 5 years old or younger (63%). 13 dogs were under 1 year old (28%), including an entire litter of husky puppies.

Some of the purebreds that have come through our shelter so far this year include Beagle, Dachshunds, German Shepherd, Shiloh Shepherd, Chihuahuas, Bichon Frises, Shi-Tzus, Patterdale Terrier, Huskies, English Setter, Samoyed, American Bulldog, Boxer, Pug and Jack Russel Terrier.

Small dogs and purebreds are adopted more quickly than other types of dogs, so many people simply do not see them during the short time they are here. Pit bulls and older dogs tend to stay here longer, even though they both make wonderful, loving family pets.

For more information on adopting an older dog or a pit bull, visit the following links.

Senior Dog Project

Pit bull Rescue Central


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