From the Brockton Enterprise:

Brockton Dog Attacked by Coyote


Officials are warning city residents to be on the lookout for coyotes.

On Monday a female Golden Retriever was attacked by two coyotes in her yard on the west side of the city, according to the Board of Health.

It is pup season for coyotes, officials said, and parents are protective of their young and will defend them if they feel threatened.

The Board of Health offers the following information to help prevent encounters with coyotes:

Coyotes are not nocturnal. They are opportunistic and will come out for food when they are hungry.

Coyotes are carnivorous and will eat the easiest meal available. Cover and secure all trash and compost. Trash is a quick and easy meal that they will come back for.

Do not feed animals outside. Cat food makes a great source of food for coyotes, as do the cats that the food is meant for.

Pick up any dropped fruit or vegetables from your gardens and/or trees.

If you come across a coyote do not run. Make yourself look as big as possible while yelling and making as much noise as you can until the coyote leaves.

If a coyote is frequenting your yard, keep your garden hose handy. Coyotes do not like being sprayed by the hose.

For more information, call the Board of Health at 508-580-7175.

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