Some of you may remember Coco, a shy little Chihuahua mix that sat behind the front desk on the weekends. She was especially nervous of men, and we had her in a foster home to help her overcome her shyness. Well, we are happy to report that miss Coco has been adopted by a wonderful family, and now has two doggie siblings! Heres what they had to say about her…

“You will not believe the progress she has made.  My husband picks her up; she runs to him; she sleeps on his chest…go figure!  He’s the one who prepares the meals and Coco’s no fool.  Yesterday she had all the toys out on the living room floor; it was hysterical; Coco and Red play tug of war with the toys and they all get along so well.  Does she ever love her yard…OMG!  When I get home from work, she runs to me and gives me kisses…it’s like she’s been with us forever.  We are so fortunate to have her. She had her first pedicure today at the Doggie Boutique.  And here she is on her new bed that one of my co-workers gave her, i.e. for Coco Channel!!! She is such a love and has brought so much joy to our home.”

We are so happy for Coco and her new family!


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