If catrlounge2014you’ve visited our shelter, chances are that you’ve noticed our Cat Lounge. The Lounge is a community cat room where some of our feline residents stay while they wait for their forever homes. The Cat Lounge is a fantastic way to reduce the stress of cats that have to be at the shelter, as well as giving potential adopters a chance to see the personality of the cat in a home-like setting.


We’re often asked about how we determine which cats live in the Lounge and which are housed in our Cat Adoption Room. The answer is pretty simple; cats that are healthy and get along with other cats are welcome (once they’ve been spayed or neutered)! Other factors that play a role can be:

  • The length of time a cat has been with us. When a cat has been with us a while, we like to try them in the Lounge to reduce the length of time they must live in a cage. Of course, this is dependent on how well they get along with other cats.
  • The size of the cat. Some are just too big to be comfortable in a cage!
  • The level of stress a cat is showing in their cage. Some cats adjust remarkably well to the cage and are as content as can be expected. Others have a hard time settling in, and can benefit from the Cat Lounge setting.


Unfortunately, we are limited in how many cats can live in the Lounge by the size of the room. We try to keep the number to around 10 cats in the room at any one time; less or more may be found depending on how well the group is getting along with each other. This is a great reason to consider adopting one of the Cat Lounge residents; you’ll be helping that kitty, as well as the next one to be added to the Lounge!


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