Paws In The Park is September 16 and it’s not just a day of celebration for our community and furry family members, it’s also one of our biggest fundraisers of the year!  We want as many people to come out for the gentle 1 mile trail walk as possible and we know it’s even more fun with friends so we’re asking you to consider forming a walk team!

Forming a walking team is a great way to raise funds for the shelter while having fun with and motivating your friends and family.  Best of all, it’s easy!

Step 1: Visit the Paws In The Park page at

Step 2: Select the “Join Now” button on the right.  (You can also make a one-time donation here)

Step 3: Follow the instructions to either create a new team or join an existing one.

Step 4: Enter the requested information and your own donation to the team.

IMPORTANT: Studies show that no one you ask for contributions will give more than your own donation so you need to set the example with what you give.  Better yet, challenge your friends to match your gift!

Step 5: Share your page’s url and your reason for walking everywhere.  Facebook, Twitter, your blog, all of it!

Step 6: Come on out on September 16 and have a blast!

Learn more about the walk at



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