Great news, it’s kitten season!  Yup, that means we have cute little bundles of fur coming into the shelter just about every week.  Puppies too!  Four little puppies came in just last week and we are awash in applications for them.  We had to do interviews because so many people wanted to meet them.  And it’s great, it really is!  They come in, they go out, and they have long, happy lives with families that love them.  We love it when that happens.  In the excitement of baby season though we want to remind everyone that sometimes the best pet for you might not be the youngest.  In fact, senior pets are diamonds in the rough just waiting to be discovered.

Senior animals come to the shelter for a variety of reasons. Sometimes their owner has passed away and the surviving family can’t care for them.  Sometimes their families have fallen on hard times.  Sometimes, sadly, we just find them abandoned and we never know why.  These animals seem to know that their circumstances have changed.  Used to human companionship they often seek out human interaction and seem to appreciate attention more than the younger ones. That’s just one of the reasons senior pets are diamonds in the rough.  Here are a few more:

1. They’re already trained.

Someone before you potty trained the dog.  Someone taught the cat to stay off the counters.  Senior animals know the rules and are used to them so it’s a lot easier for you as their owner to have a smooth transition.

2. They’re not as destructive.

Puppies might chew shoes.  Kittens might claw your couch. Older pets are often past that behavior.  They usually got it out of their system years ago with somebody else.  Now this doesn’t guarantee that you’re never going to lose a shoe but the chances are a lot lower than with a baby.

3. You can custom fit your pet.

Do you want a lap cat?  A dog that likes the car?  With an older pet you can go in knowing what you want and select an animal that suits your lifestyle and personality.  You also know any current medical needs going in and how big the animal is going to be.

4. Senior pets are true “companion animals.”

Senior animals are generally lower energy than babies and make great companions for a quieter family or even senior citizens.  You also don’t need to make a 10-15 year commitment the way you do when you adopt a puppy or kitten.

Here at the APCSM we have a variety of animals of all ages as well as a mission to work with you to find the best pet for your lifestyle.  You might find that it’s a diamond in the rough.


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