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Part 2

Yesterday was the worst day of my life.  I cried and cried for mom but she never came back.  Other people came though and I’m not proud to say how I treated them.  I hissed and spat and cowered in the corner but I was so afraid and confused that what else could I do? The people talked softly to me though and mostly left me alone for the rest of the day and overnight.  By morning I was feeling a little better and when that woman with the longish hair and slight accent opened my door I came right over for petting.  She was pretty friendly herself and she pet me and told me all about how gorgeous I am and what a nice girl.  Just like at the vet. She even gave me new food and water and a clean litter pan.  The only bad thing is that she took my special blanket and gave me a new one. A little while later a few more people came and two of them took me out and examined me on a little table.  They talked over me about how nice it is to have vet records for an animal and how well behaved I am.  There was a woman with short hair and she said I have a “little smooshy face.”  I don’t know about that but she seemed very sincere and nice.  After the exam they put me back in the little cage and examined the rest of the animals that were in the same room with us.  They were all different!  There was a momma cat with three babies, a brother and sister cat that had come in together, and a skinny looking boy cat that had come in as a stray.  The women said that they would arrange to take the momma and babies to the vet and that they needed to “hold” the stray cat, whatever that means.  After a while an older woman with short curly hair came in and she opened the door and pet me for a long time.  It felt so relaxing and made me feel so safe that I just melted onto the floor of the cage and started to purr.  I don’t know what’s going to happen next but I don’t think my mom is coming back.  That makes me sad but I’m glad that everyone here seems so nice, especially that older lady.


This morning that older lady came in and pet me again.  She told me that it’s a big day for me.  She said that I’m going to the “cat room” and I’m going to find my “forever home.”  That’s exciting and a little scary at the same time.  I had thought I was in my forever home with my mom but then all this happened.  Will there be another family for me or will I be here in the shelter forever?

Part 3 will be published next Wednesday at 3pm.


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