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It’s been a few days since I arrived here and I still feel like the cat room is unlike anything I’ve ever seen before!  The shelter opens at noon or 1pm most days and then all different types of people come in.  Single people, couples, families.  They stick their fingers through the bars to pet us and exclaim over this one’s whiskers, or that one’s double paws.  Sometimes they ask to see one of us and then maybe, if they’re lucky, they fill out the adoption form and take that kitty home.  The people drift in and out throughout the day and then, just as suddenly as it started, it’s over and we’re alone for the night.  Every morning though the volunteers come in and clean all of our cages, give us new food, water, and litter pans, some fresh towels and blankets and scrub and mop the floors.  They turn on the radio for us and talk with us and even pet us a bit.  After that we have a few hours to nap before the shelter opens and the people come again.  It’s happened three times now.  Three days and no one has asked to see me. I’m not so surprised though, there must be more than 20 cats here, all looking for homes.  There are orange cats, black cats, long haired cats, even Main Coon mix cats.  How will I ever compete with all of them? There are young cats too, even kittens!  I’m never going to find my forever family!


An older couple has come in for the past two days in a row and they stop in front of me and talk to me each time.  Her name is Marsha but I don’t know his name yet.  He does most of the talking and that’s how I know that their cat died and Marsha is sad but she needs to “get back on the horse.”  She said she still wants to think about it.


They didn’t come back today.  No one stuck their fingers through my cage or talked about my whiskers. I got my hopes up for nothing.  An orange kitten got adopted instead.


The shelter was closed today.  That older lady came back and she pet me.  She said, “What are you still doing here?”  I don’t know.


They came back and I know the man’s name!  She said it to him, she said, “She looks a little like Peanut, doesn’t she Joe?” Then she said, “I can’t believe no one’s taken her yet.” And Joe said, “Maybe she’s been waiting for you.”  They just left the cat room.  I can hardly bear to see if anything happens!


Today is the best day since the worst day of my life.  Marsha and Joe adopted me and took me home in their car to their house.  It’s all on one story and they say I can’t go outside but I don’t mind.  It’s warm here and safe and quiet.  There’s a kitty tree and food and water bowls and right before we left the older lady came out to the lobby and said, “She came in with this.  It’s been through the laundry but I thought you might want it.”  It was my blanket!  When we got home…home…Marsha put it on the sofa and after I explored the house and found the food and the litter box and the kitty tree I settled down on it for a nap.  Then Marsha came over and sat down beside me to watch TV so I got up and settled down on her lap instead.



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