This is a story in three parts.  Like life, some parts are difficult but, also like life, there’s always hope.

Part 1


Something’s wrong.  At first I thought it was a good thing that mom had stopped going to work every day.  She had more time to play with me and seemed to love my coming up to sit on her lap and purr.  Then things started to disappear from around the house.  Her framed pictures first, then the stereo.  The television went after the cable stopped working and then this morning some men came and took away the sofa.  Afterwards mom looked around and then just slid down against the wall to the floor and started to cry.  I walked over and gave her my best head-butts but that just made her cry harder.  I didn’t know what to do to help her but suddenly she scooped me up and held me so, so tightly and just sobbed into my fur.  We stayed like that for a while before she let me go but even now she’s still sitting there. I wish I knew what was wrong.

Mom had a big fight with her mom last night.  I’ve never met her mom because she’s severely allergic to cats but I think that my mom might be going to visit there for a while because today she spent the whole morning on her cell phone and I think she was talking about me.  She seems to be trying to find someone to “take” me. She’s still crying a lot but another new thing happened this afternoon that was kind of fun.  Mom came home from the grocery store without cat food.  Instead she had a can of tuna and she shared half with me and ate half herself.  I’ve never shared food with mom like that before and even though she was crying again it felt special.  Maybe things are looking up.

I don’t know what’s happening and I’m so scared!!  Today mom took me in the car in my carrier and at first I thought we were going to the vet but that’s not where we went at all.  We went to this place that I can hardly describe.  It smells like bleach and other cats, and dogs and people and all sorts of things that I can’t even identify.  It was so loud too!  Mom took me into an office with a chair and a computer and pink walls.  There was another woman she was talking to and she was crying so hard!  I wanted to comfort her but I was so scared of all the smells and noises that I just cowered in the back of my carrier.  The other lady looked at me and she and mom talked a lot about me.  Mom told her about my favorite toys and how I’m a lap cat.  The lady asked if I had ever bitten anyone and mom told her of course not.  She assured her that I’m a sweet good girl.  Then, as if this wasn’t strange enough already, she gave the other lady my vet records and my favorite treats and the special blanket that I like to sit on at the sofa…back when we had a sofa.  Then, and I can barely say this part, she left me.  She LEFT me! The lady took me in my carrier and put me in a metal cage in another room and that’s where I am right now.  There’s a litter pan and food and water and she left me my blanket but I’m so lost. What did I do? When can I go home?  Why did mom leave and is she coming back?  I just don’t know.

Part 2 will be published next Wednesday at 3pm.


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