Happy Birthday to us!

When I realized that the APCSM was turning 8 years old this month my first instinct was to create a slideshow or video of all the things that we accomplished this year. Almost as soon as I started gathering materials though I realized that there was simply too much. For example, in our 8th year alone:

  • We achieved 737 adoptions with an average stay of 26 days before an animal went to it’s forever home.
  • We spent $24,000 in medicines and care for the animals that came in not counting Life Is Precious.
  • Our LIP fund expended an additional $32,000 for specialized care of animals ranging from dental work to tumor removals.

In fact, our total expenditure per animal adopted was around $421.00. Given the variation of adoption fees by animal we took in an average of $213.00 per animal adopted, just around half of that expense. Thank goodness for our volunteers and donors! You all helped make up the difference, with bake sales (10K over the year), agility training (9K), the photo contest (4K), and special events like Paws in the Park and Ties and Tails (38K just for those two). Most of all though, we took in over $100,000 in individual donations. That’s 100K in $10 and $20 and $50, and $100 donations from individuals like each and every one of you.

When we say that the APCSM is Southeastern Massachusetts’ community animal shelter this is what we’re talking about. Not just that people come from all over southeastern Massachusetts to adopt but that we literally exist because of the support of these communities. Sure, we run education programs, offer services like the microchip and rabies clinic, host the Spay Wagon, and do all sort of engagement and outreach but we also depend on your support to continue to do our work. Each and every one of you are our birthday present and your gifts help us get those animals to their forever homes. So thank you and Happy Birthday APCSM!

-Kim Kokkotos

Kim K is the Program and Development Director at the APCSM. You can reach her at K.Kokkotos@apcsm.org.


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